Our laboratory

Zeinberg is the YellowKorner's and the greatest photographers' photographic laboratory.

For ten years, we have been producing photographic prints on traditional paper, a technique used by the most prestigious exhibitions.

Our longstanding collaborations with creators, collectors, museums and international galleries demonstrated the quality of our productions and the excellence of our service.

The YellowKorner galleries, with whom we share a passion for image and a great complicity with photographers, entrusted us for the printing and the magnification of their collections, now distributed in more than a hundred galleries in the world.

notre laboratoire

But the prestige formerly reserved for professionals is now accessible to everyone.

Zeinberg laboratory particularity is to also offer this exceptional quality of print to the public: "Print your photographs in Gallery Quality".

We are committed to provide our expertise to each photograph: between craftsmanship and new technologies of printing.

Thus, each photograph given to Zeinberg laboratory is subject to controls by our expert in order to guarantee an optimal resolution and a unique and upscale rendering, before benefiting from the most advanced photographic print technologies.

notre laboratoire

Our promise: We are experts, so you do not need to – Offering Quality Gallery to everyone's photographs.

By simplifying your selection process and accompanying you at every step of your order, Zeinberg simplifies and makes accessible to all the Gallery Quality Print:

We have shortlisted the best production and shipping techniques, as well as the finest materials, to provide you with a high-end experience to print your photographs.

With a 2-year guarantee, ZEINBERG prints are designed to last over time and help you reveal the power of your photographs, your talent and your creativity.

notre laboratoire