Gallery Frame 50 x 40 cm or 70 x 50 cm

A popular classic for galleries, framing under plexiglass is a durable and timeless finish that will enhance your photographs. The print is created on photographic paper, surrounded by a ribbed passe-partout that gives your photograph a unique luminosity while also protecting it

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Discover Our Framed Gallery Photo Printing

The Zeinberg photo print in Framed Gallery finish is the preferred format of artist-photographers and art galleries. This type of print and photo framing is particularly appreciated for its elegant allure and timeless character.   
Enhanced by their photo frame and laid-paper mat board, your finest photos can enjoy a custom finish, thanks to Zeinberg’s Framed Gallery formats. While Framed Galley formats suit any kind of photo printing, this kind of rendering particularly enhances works in black and white. The contrast between the passe-partout and the monochrome reinforces the sophistication of your compositions, bringing an intensely artistic character to your portraits or landscapes.

The timelessness of the Framed Gallery print makes it an unrivalled classic among our printing formats. A Zeinberg photo frame will personalise your interior, while allowing you to appreciate your most beautiful artistic creations every day. In a thoroughfare such as a corridor or hallway or exhibited in a living area (office, lounge, or bedroom), the Framed Gallery finish suits all styles of imagery and interior decor. Modern interior design or cosy decoration: the Framed Gallery finish is a must, irrespective of your preferences in terms of furnishings and decoration. These characteristics make it one of our customers’ favourite formats for the gift of a personalised photo print for your loved ones: there is no risk of a misstep when you opt for the Framed Gallery finish.

Our Framed Gallery prints are available in two formats:

  • The Classic 50 x 40 format with a 50 x 40 cm frame
  • The Classic 70 x 50 format with a 70 x 50 cm frame


If you appreciate the elegance of the Framed Gallery finish you will probably be enthusiastic at the idea of creating your own photo exhibition. Start by choosing several images that are possible to print in professional quality. Exhibited at the same height or arranged in such a way as to create a photo wall, your creations will bring a unique style to all interiors.

Print on Photographic Paper Surrounded by a Passe-Partout

Your shot will enjoy quality printing worthy of professional photographers. Each photograph is carefully controlled by our experts to guarantee a photo of superior quality, for all image dimensions. We have selected a luxurious paper for developing your personal photos. Our laboratory exclusively uses Fuji DPII Gloss photographic paper. Chosen to magnify the colours of your composition, this paper ensures a durable and professional result.

If you choose a Framed Gallery finish, our laboratory then frames your photo with a bevelled passe-partout made from museum cardboard. The passe-partout is a sophisticated minimalist addition that brings out the contrasts of your shot and highlights the composition. Its neutral pH protects the image against any condensation. Laid over your photo, the passe-partout may slightly mask the edges of your image. Carefully check the ratios and printing dimensions of your photo to ensure you obtain the desired results.

Essential to galleries and museums, the white passe-partout draws the gaze towards your photograph. This finish is beautifully combined with our photo frames and lends incomparable elegance to your artwork. How To Prepare Your Photo File ?

Dimensions of the Frame and of Your Photograph

Our Classic Framed Gallery prints are intermediary print formats that enjoy the same expertise as our large formats. Different photo dimensions can be printed in Framed Gallery finish. Our laboratory offers several image dimensions for each format, including one square format, to adapt your image to our framing dimensions. The passe-partout is added to the image to draw the gaze towards the centre of the composition.


Encadré Galerie

Dimensions of your photograph in the frame for the Classic 50 x 40 format:

1:1 29 x 29 cm  
4:3 32 x 24 cm  
3:2 36 x 24 cm  
16:9 36 x 20 cm  
5:4 30 x 24 cm  
2:1 36 x 18 cm  
3:1 41 x 14 cm

Dimensions of your photograph in the frame for the Classic 70 x 50 format :

1:1 37 x 37 cm  
4:3 49,4 x 37 cm  
3:2 49,8 x 33,2 cm  
16:9 49,8 x 28 cm  
5:4 46,2 x 37 cm  
2:1 49,8 x 24,9 cm  
3:1 49,8 x 16,6 cm

Warning : The cardboard passe-partout is superimposed slightly over your photograph and can cover up to 1 cm on the sides.


For a customised finish, the frame of your photo print can also be selected. To adapt to all styles of decoration, our frames exist in three kinds of premium finishes:

  • A black aluminium finish, ideal for a print in black and white or to bring a contemporary, minimalist touch to all photos
  • A frame in white wood with a pared-down look, for a modern and luminous style that is easily matched with your furniture
  • A mahogany frame, a rare and noble wood that highlights the elegance of all photos and will find its place in the most sophisticated interiors

Only the black aluminium frame is available for our 70 x 50 cm Classic format.   
Our wooden or aluminium frames are all equipped with a hook to facilitate their display. With delivery available to your door or to a YellowKorner gallery, our Framed Gallery prints make the services usually reserved for professional artists available to all.


Offer Your Photos the Best Professional Development !

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