Gloss Plexi Finish Photographic Print

Plexiglass Finish highlights contrasts, enhances colours, intensifies the depth of field, and reinforces the virtues of your photograph. Your print is protected and preserves its intensity over the years.

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Discover Our Printing on Plexiglas

A photo printing specialist, Zeinberg offers a range of finishes designed to sublimate your best photographs and allow you to personalise your interior decoration. Among our most popular finishes, plexi-finish photo printing is renowned for its high quality and numerous advantages. Light and unbreakable, Plexiglas is wonderful for colour portraits or photos of landscapes with contrasting colours, which it will help to heighten. We recommend the choice of this finish for your finest colour photographs, but the plexi finish can also be suitable for black-and-white photo printing projects.

Your photo printing starts with Fine Art photographic paper (we use a luxurious Fuji DP Gloss 250 mg paper) for dazzling colours and a natural result. The print is then mounted onto an aluminium Dibond plate, as is the case for our aluminium-finish photo print. Your art photograph thus enjoys support, ensuring unparalleled protection and exhibition quality.   

A two-millimetre Plexiglas (polymethyl methacrylate) plate is then applied over the print to magnify the colours and protect your artwork from wear and tear over time. Careful application of the plexi prevents the risk of bubbles or cracks. The plexi finish therefore beautifully completes our photo printing with aluminium finish.  
All of our photo prints are delivered equipped with a rectangular aluminium backing frame. Attached to the back of the mounted print, the frame allows it to be slightly offset from the wall to better showcase the artwork. With or without shadow-gap framing, your plexi photo print is ready for delivery at your home or at the YellowKorner gallery of your choice.

How To Prepare Your Photo File ? Our Attachments in Detail

Formats Available with Plexiglas


Our photo lab allows you to take advantage of your preferred photographs printed with plexi finish for all printing formats (except for the Framed Gallery format).  

Our formats available for your custom prints on Plexiglas include:

  • Mini format (13 x 13 cm to 19,5 x 13 cm)  easy to hang or exhibit anywhere
  • Selection format (35 x 35 cm to 45 x 30 cm), our timeless format that enhances both portrait and landscape layouts

Our large formats are also offered in plexi finish:

  • Large Format (60 x 60 cm to 90 x 90 cm), to highlight the depth of your composition
  • Giant Format(100 x 100 cm à 150 x 100 cm), for a luminous and immersive result
  • Collector Format (120 x 120 cm à 180 x 120 cm), the ultimate work of art, inspired by the greatest professional photographers

For a high-quality final result and a mural decoration worthy of an art gallery, we advise you to add a shadow-gap frame to your large-format plexi prints. This type of framing showcases your composition while bringing a light touch to the overall look. The effect of floating between the frame and the photograph, but also between the wall and the photo print lends a very elegant sense of lightness to your decor.

Regardless of its size, your photo on plexi harnesses all of Zeinberg’s expertise. Your photograph is printed on Fine Art paper in the format of your choice, then enjoys the expertise of our printers and photo specialists for the addition of a plexi finish.   

Why Choose a Plexiglas Print? 

The specificities of this print finish, suitable for all formats, explain the ongoing success of the photo print on plexi.

The sheen and intense colours of a photo print with a plexi finish make it one of Zeinberg’s preferred finishes for amateur photographers. Its gloss finish reinforces the impact of your image and ensures the vibrancy of its colours, while also highlighting contrasts. We advise you to opt for this finish for photographs that you want to show in rooms with the least light in your interior (such as corridors or offices, depending on the exposure of your living areas).

Fully transparent, the Plexiglas plate sublimates your image without altering its rendering or perception. Since Plexiglas is a light and unbreakable material, it is often applied to interiors and outdoor exhibition projects. In thoroughfares or children’s bedrooms: Zeinberg’s plexi prints withstand the test of everyday life.

More durable than a photo on canvas, plexi finish photo prints allow your photo to last for many years. The addition of a Plexiglas layer protects the photo paper from dust, UV light, and fingerprints, allowing you to appreciate your most beautiful memories day after day.

Printing on Plexiglas offers mural decoration a welcome touch of modernity and whimsy.

Available from Mini to Collector formats, the Zeinberg plexi finish brings together numerous benefits. If you prefer a more minimalist and natural finish, opt for the simplicity of the Fine Art finish. To enjoy all the advantages and quality of plexi in a reflection-free matte finish, choose our matte plexi print. As for our aluminium finish, it will convince art lovers who appreciate lightness and durability.

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