PHOTO PRINT acrylic glass finish

The Acrylic Glass covers your photograph which was first laminated on Dibond Aluminium. It brings depth while sublimating colours. The Acrylic Glass also protects your photograph and makes its maintenance easy, preserving its intensity year after year.

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The Acrylic Glass Finish emphasizes contrasts, magnifies colours, intensifies the depth and enhances the qualities of your photograph.

Your photograph is printed on a Fuji DPII Gloss 250 mg photographic paper. The print is then glued on Dibond ©, a composite plate. Sharp and light, it is composed of two layers of aluminium around a resin core. A 2mm-thick Acrylic Mat Glass plate is directly affixed to your Dibond © laminated photograph. The photograph print is glued under the acrylic mat glass thanks to an acid-free adhesive system. This produces a durable and exceptional print, without bubbles or cracks, which perfectly protects the photograph.

Acrylic Glass is lightweight, unbreakable and stable.

A print in Acrylic Glass can benefit from the addition of a Shadowbox (Large to Collector formats). The Shadowbox Finish consists of gluing your print inside a frame with a depth shift of 15mm. It provides a flotation impression to the photograph. The frame's – also called ShadowBox – thickness is 48mm. This premium Finish is the highest degree of sublimation that Zeinberg can provides to your photographs.

A 20mm-thick chassis is on the back of the print it enhances the photograph and brings rigidity to the structure.

Your print is delivered ready to hang and accompanied by its customizable certificate hand-laid by our Laboratory's experts.

Available Formats: Mini (19x13 cm), Selection (45x30 cm), Large (90x60 cm), Giant (150x100 cm), Collector (180x120 cm),

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