The 10 photos that have marked the year 2020

The 28/01/2021 at 09:22

Let's take a last look at the highlights of a year like no other. 




N° 1 

The epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, Wuhan is put under bell. In just 10 days, the city builds a new hospital to accommodate 1,000 patients. The number of victims reported by Beijing continues to question the West. 


©Williams Daniels, National Geographic


N° 2

16 March 2020, the first confinement is announced, like the rest of France and the world Paris becomes a ghost town for the next 2 months.


© Andrea Morales


N° 3

On May 25, the death of Georges Floyd following police violence set the United States ablaze. The Black Lives Matters movement reminds us that racism remains a major concern.


© Andrew Quilty, Vu


N° 4

The flames that ravaged Australia remind us of the fragility of our ecosystem and biodiversity. Nearly 20 million hectares disappeared in a gigantic blaze. Rangers and volunteers tried everything to save the local fauna, including the particularly vulnerable koalas.  


© Henry Nicholls, Reuters


N° 5

After more than three years of suspense and debate, the UK is leaving Europe. The Brexit opens a new page for England.   


© Kevin Lamarque, Reuters


N° 6

After an eventful campaign and a tense election, Joe Biden was officially declared the winner and 47th president of the United States. Between riots and denial, Donald Trump is about to leave the White House.


© R.Depardon, Magnum Photo


N° 7

On 2 December 2020, Valérie Giscard d'Estain disappeared at the age of 94. The 3rd President of the 5th Republic will remain famous for his many reforms, including the legalization of abortion.


© Cyril Zannettacci, Vu, Libération


N° 8

On 21 November, despite the restrictions and the health situation, many French people protested against the Global Security Law and its controversial Article 24, which worries the defenders of liberties. 


© Stéphane Lagoutte, Libération


N° 9

In October, France and the teaching staff mourn Samuel Paty who was brutally murdered in a terrorist attack. The wounds from the November 2015 attacks remain open.  


© Brent Stirton


N° 10

The pangolin, the number one suspect in the emergence of covid-19, is above all the victim of a vast poaching network. The world has now become aware of the trafficking of this endangered animal.



©Justine Grosset, 2021