The last few months have confirmed our desire for outdoor adventures and our need for space. While waiting for the opening of the ski areas, Zeinberg invites you to hurtle down the slopes in images through this selection of winter photographs.


Mark Fisher, Ephermeral, ©Mark Fisher, Yellow Korner


Mark Fisher's images of the encounter between man and wild nature have seduced the biggest publications as well as many outdoor sports brands. Presented by the Yellow Korner galleries, this skier as stopped in his race catches our eye.


Marina Vernicos, Skiers © Marina Vernicos, Yellow Korner


Yellow Korner's Greek partner photographer is always seduced by the beauty of her native land. In front of her lens, Marina Vernicos invites us to discover the superb Ionian beaches, but also the ski resorts of Mount Parnassus. A pop image full of humor. Ready to spend your next winter vacations in Greece?



Peter Gales, Skiing 1957 © Kodak Colorama Display, Yellow Korner


Made for Kodak in 1957 by Peter Gales, the famous Colorama series honors a retro aesthetic with tangy colors. These images are now re-edited by the Yellow Korner galleries, to which our laboratory puts its know-how in photo printing. This panorama featuring proud skiers posing proudly is not without humor.


 Ira Spring, Skiers at Artist Point, 1966 © Kodak Colorama Display, Yellow Korner


Contacted by Kodak to promote the brand's products and showcase the American way of life, photographer and mountaineer Ira Spring took this photo in Yellowstone National Park in 1966. The immaculate whiteness of the snow contrasts with the blue of the sky and the striking winter light: a timeless scene that arouses our desire for the great outdoors.


Take advantage of your next winter vacation to capture these moments of relaxation as your loved ones' most impressive sporting feats. Put your best vacation memories in the spotlight by choosing to print your most successful photos in our online photo lab. Select from matte or glossy acrylic finishes depending on the desired effect. These memorable moments will remain with you all year long while giving a personal touch to your decoration.



© 2020 Justine Grosset


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