From the ice floes to the glaciers: the most beautiful photos

The 01/10/2020 at 13:38

The calm and serenity that emerges from those huge white spaces is a real invitation to take a journey through those landscapes, but also to preserve these places frozen by snow or ice. Let’s have a look at the most beautiful photos from snow-covered peaks to the far reaches of the Arctic.


Shot by Adam Burton, dawn is slowly bathing Morraine Lake in Banff National Park of Canada.


 Adam Burton, Valley of the Ten Peaks, © Adam Burton


Photographer and high-mountain guide in the Chamonix valley, Jean-François Hagenmuller does not stop immortalizing the majesty of Mont-Blanc. The black and white sublimates the interplay of shadows and lights from this vertiginous ascent.


Jean-François Hagenmuller, Cordée sur les Arêtes de Rochefort II, © Jean-François Hagenmuller



The Arctic is like a playground for these reckless cubs. With tenderness and poetry, the French photographer documents the life of these species, threatened with extinction by global warming. 


Nolwenn Hadet, La Roulade, © Nolwenn Hadet



The Polish photographer Michal Karcz finds his inspiration in the tranquility of the peaks, while having fun reworking his images after. Therefore, he creates images testifying to a dream world in between imagination and reality.


Michal Karcz, To the Threshold of Silence II © Michal Karcz



Doctor and photographer, Andrew Peacock’s activities led him to the most secluded areas. His 2017 expedition to the Ross dependency in Antarctica enabled him to photograph penguins in their natural habitat.


Andrew Peacock, White Storm, 2017 ©Andrew Peacock


A true modern-day adventurer, Luc Hardy has led numerous scientific expeditions across the globe. Like a painter, he uses all the shades of blue that those striking landscapes offer.


Luc Hardy, Procession d’Icebergs ©Luc Hardy


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