Asia in 10 pictures

The 10/09/2020 at 10:02

Asia conceals multiple secrets and mesmerizing landscapes. Discover Japan, India or China thanks to these exceptional photographers, partners of Yellow Korner.


Tuul and Bruno Morandi captured Rajasthan’s serenity and the gracious walk of Indian women.

 Tuul & Bruno Morandi, Women in the Stairs 5 © Tuul & Bruno Morandi


This shot, taken in Hong Kong, makes everyone dizzy. The buildings seem endless in this city where the population density nails the top.


 Jörg Dickmann, Deep Space HK II © Jörg Dickmann


This photo of Stefano Orazzini is part of the 2010 series that pays tribute to Japan. The equilibrium between shadows and lights of his refined landscapes call for calm and serenity.


Stefano Orazzini, Shirahige Shrine Torii © Stefano Orazzini


As a last testimony to traditional Chinese life, Daniel Metz’s clichés pay tribute to the Guangxi region and its iconic mountains.


Daniel Metz, The Last Travel © Daniel Metz 


Ly Hoang Long is committed to capture the beauty of his native Vietnam. The national park Nam Ka, located in the high plateaus of Vietnam and with its light tones, calls for contemplation. 


Ly Hoang Long, Fishing on Nam Ka Lake ©Ly Hoang Long


Profoundly cinematographic, Masahi Wakui’s photos capture another facet of Japan, with neon glow and traditional lanterns. His night-time clichés bring to light a Tokyo that is stuck between the past and the future.


Masahi Wakui, Tokyo VIII ©Masahi Wakui


As a passionate photographer, the Buddhist monk Mathieu Ricard captures shots of Buddhist masters from Tibet and the Himalayan region.


Mathieu Ricard, Les Moines Volants ©Mathieu Ricard


Genuine invitation to travel, this photo of Philip Lee Harvey invites us to dream, capturing hot-air balloons above the sacred Bagan temples in Myanmar.


Philip Lee Harvey, Balloons in Bagan © Philip Lee Harvey


Many people immortalized the famous Cambodian city. This photo captures the reflection of the Khmer empire vestiges, embodying South-East Asia’s legendary aura. 


Manjik Pictures, Angkor Wat ©Manjik Pictures


 Evoking Asia also means awaking a sacred animal. In the Indian province of Pendjab, François Fontaine captured this animal portrait, illustrating the importance of Asian elephants for the Sikh rites.


François Fontaine, Éléphant Sacré du Dharasuram © François Fontaine


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