5 tips to shoot sport photos like a professional

The 19/08/2020 at 10:47

 During a training or a competition, every second counts, and it is the same for a sports photographer. This demanding practice will no longer have secrets for you thanks to the following advice.


The burst mode or continuous shooting will be your ally to capture a skier tumbling down ski runs, or a goal scored by your favorite team. 5 to 10 images per second will enable you to seize the decisive moment. 



The subject of a successful sports photo does not necessarily need to be the athlete. A landscape or the crowd of fans will give meaning to the shot. A football final will therefore be the occasion to capture the euphoria of the crowd.



Control speed, the main parameter to avoid blurring from camera shake. Use the mode “shutter speed priority” and select the highest speed possible. It will depend on the type of sports and on the speed of your subject, going from 1/500 to freeze the movement of a runner, to 1/4000 in order to stop the movement of a tennis ball. On the contrary, a slow speed will give an idea of movement with a slight blurring boosting the image. Some sports are more difficult to seize, especially car racing: train yourself during trials that are less demanding.



 Go up in ISO. If you shoot during night time or inside a gymnasium, think about going up in ISO in order to keep a high speed in broad daylight. However, this might bring picture noise depending on the sensibility of your camera.


The material you shoot with can make a difference. A sun-visor will protect your camera from the rain or from too much light, and will be welcome in a stadium where the light has not the best effect. In order to keep your reactivity and your agility, prioritize the monopod instead of the tripod, which is more cumbersome.


Whether it is family victories or major sports events, your photos will find their place in your interiors. Choose an acrylic glass finish that will magnify the contrast of your photography, and a Large or a Giant format that will reinforce the power of your images. With the Zeinberg Laboratory, it is now easy to develop your photos.

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