How to photograph animals like Laurent Baheux

The 16/07/2020 at 09:01

Whether it is wild animals or domestic ones, animal photography can be fascinating and lead to exceptional shots. Majestic lions, touching polar bears or herds of zebras, Laurent Baheux’s lens shot the most nobles images of the wild world. Discover our advice to succeed in animal photography, like this talented photograph.


Laurent Baheux, Hugs Between Two Lionesses, ©Laurent Baheux  


Unlike with the usual animal photography, Laurent Baheux chose black and white, inspired by Willy Ronis or Robert Doisneau’s photographies. Like him, shoot in monochrome and increase the contrasts to give your models all their majesty. Light and shadow effects will therefore be magnified. We recommend you to shoot with the RAW format, and then to edit your photos in black and white in order to obtain more dynamic shades.


Laurent Baheux, Ice is black © Laurent Baheux 


Put the magnificence of the animal forward as well as the expressivity of his look. Animal photographies convey a rare emotion, to capture this you need to shoot in the right distance and have patience in order to tame the animal and photography a strong image. Like Laurent Baheux, shoot your portraits the same way you would have done with humans and capture their unique character.


Laurent Baheux, Lion in Compliance 2, ©Laurent Baheux 


Train yourself by photographing domestic animals or the ones met during a stroll. If you have the occasion to realize an animal safari, you will know how to use your lens. For a further use of animal photography, it could become necessary to invest in a lens dedicated to sport and action photography. A last advice by the photographer himself: “Free yourself from the rules and prerequisites in order to reveal your true eye.”


Laurent Baheux, Chevaux aux vents, ©Laurent Baheux  


Try animal photo reportage thanks to our advice: you will be able to develop and frame your most beautiful photos thanks to our online laboratory. Why not choose a Large format with a shadowbox for a seizing impression of depth?


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