How to photography your urban explorations like Aurélien Villette

The 12/06/2020 at 14:44

Urbex is one of the photography themes in the spotlight. Follow our advice and inspire yourselves from the masters of Urbex to improve your urban explorations.


Focus on materials. Taken in abandoned houses or vestiges of the past, Aurélien Villette’s shots spotlight materials. Do not hesitate to magnify those when you edit your images, thanks to texture effects. 

Aurélien Villette, Matiérisme Château II, ©Aurélien Villette


Perspective and graphic design in the spotlight

Bring to light architectural structures by working the composition of your images: refer to the rule of thirds. Multiply your view angles: unlike with portraits, you can take your time with urban photography. Arches, stairs and columns will give majesty and an impression of depth to your shots. 

Aurélien Villette, Structures et destructures hypostyle, ©Aurélien Villette


Plays of lights will give an enigmatic aspect to your photographies. Take full advantage of shadow effects to increase mystery. If you are photographing a canopy, take advantage of natural lighting to avoid using the ISO settings. 

Aurélien Villette, L'arche Végétale, ©Aurélien Villette 


The major challenge posed by Urbex photos is exposure. Ruins and abandoned buildings are usually very dark places, therefore prioritize long exposures, arm yourself with patience and invest in a tripod in order to obtain sharp and enlightened pictures. Some Urbex professionals prefer to use HDR, however in the daylight and with long exposures your shots should be exposed enough.

Aurélien Villette, Verticalité, ©Aurélien Villette 


Capture your urban explorations in RAW format in order to have a larger panel of touch-ups and colorization when editing your shots. Stay vigilant and take all the necessary measures in order to stay safe and respect the places where you take photos.


With all those advice, your urban exploration photos will look more professional. Powerful, Aurélien Villette’s photos, available in Yellow Korner galleries, will bring a modern and graphic touch to your walls. Your own photos can also be developed in large format, ideal to expose your most beautiful shots. With an acrylic glass finish, your photos’ contrasts and depth of focus will be magnified.


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