The accessories to progress in photography

The 04/06/2020 at 18:25

Once you know how to use your camera, you might have to invest in some accessories to progress and be opened to other areas of photography. How can you choose between those accessories?



First and foremost, take care of your camera. A cleaning kit with the essential in it (blower bulb, microfiber, a lenspen brush for your lens) will be enough, without being too costly. 


Get off the beaten tracks and bring your camera everywhere with you thanks to a special bag for it. Prioritize one that is ergonomic and light, ideal for your holidays or for preparing yourself for a photo essay. 


A remote control will enable you to activate your camera without touching it: this accessory will be of use during long po. 

You need to make sure that your camera allows your smartphone to act as remote control.


Other must-have: the tripod, indispensable for extended exhibitions and night shots. You can find different price ranges and certain models are flexible or removable. The tripod you need will depend on your budget and on the weight of your equipment. 



If you needed to choose only one accessory, we would advise you to invest in a  « Flash à griffe » (the ones on our cameras usually default. A « cobra flash » would also considerably enhance the quality of your personal shots. 


To photography better portraits, you can use a light reflector. Existing in different formats, it can bright more light to your subject.


Are filters necessary or redundant?


A ND filter (neutral density filter) will reduce light, which is perfect for long poses during daytime for your photos of nature. 


A polarizing filter will enhance contrasts and diminish the reflections: you can use it when you photography shots windows for instance.



These accessories constitute a great starter pack for an advanced photographer, you can be sure that the quality of your shots will be better.


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