Make progress in photography thanks to photo essay

The 07/05/2020 at 17:06

Emotion and structure give all its power to a photo essay. Less simple than it seems, the photo essay is above all the occasion to progress in photography, discover our suggestions.


A photo essay needs preparation: professional photo reporters select shots that communicate with one another and tell a story. It is this narrative bias that constitutes of a photo essay rather than a series of photographs. You need to start by defining your intentions.



To better prepare your photoshoot: locate places, consider the view angles and if needed, sketch your envisaged photos. For a major event, establish a planning. Why not inquire on the location or people you wish to photograph by observing the work of others and following the news of the event?


The photo essay usually takes place outdoors, or at least outside the studio, so make sure to take your equipment with you without burdening yourself. Take with you batteries and memory cards to face unexpected things.



Make sure to photograph enough different angles and plans: close-ups, wide angles, low-angle views… Diversify as much as possible in order to have the choice - a very good exercise to progress. 


Make sure you work the composition and that you include a background or elements that will enable the appreciation of the place and atmosphere. Portraits of several people will report interactions, like the atmosphere. 


Key phase:

The editing, a prerequisite to select the most relevant photos. This selection work is an excellent way to evaluate your strengths and margins for improvement. Select shots that are diverse: landscapes, portraits, wide angles, vertical images… Stand back for a few days and enhance objectivity before selecting your photos.


During a trip or an event (wedding, birth…), the photo essay will enable you to multiply your shootings and to obtain series of images from a same point of view. Prioritize digital prints on aluminium with a gloss finish thanks to Zeinberg, enabling photographic enlargement and online printing. 


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