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Tips for successful food photos

The 16/04/2020 at 15:12

The pleasure of photography can be enjoyed on any occasion and combining it with a good meal will delight gourmet photographers. At the restaurant as well as at home, enhance your plate thanks to our tips.




The combination of colours, the play of shadows and contrasts are essential. Play on the complementarity of colours in the style of a stylist or take the side of monochrome. To go further, suggest a fresh impression: mist fruits and vegetables with water or use fresh herbs, guaranteed effect!




Multiply the shots

As for a portrait, find the right angle, here the one that will make you drool. Taken from above, the photo will reveal all the elements but will erase the relief of your plate, reserve this framing for pizzas or pies. 

A close-up will highlight an ingredient - keep in mind the rule of thirds.


Use natural light as much as possible. Flash can be unsightly if your dish has a sauce or a slight shine and tends to flatten the image. 


Tell a story

In food photography, take care with the choice of dishes, the setting and also the background; a cluttered table can "drown" the subject. A slightly blurred background with a large aperture will create a professional atmosphere, without stealing the spotlight from the plate. 

To liven up the scene, think about the composition using cutlery, tablecloth or flowers, give free rein to your creativity!




Whether you succumb to #foodporn on social networks or not, culinary photography allows you to combine art and art of the table. Why not go further with photo development? 

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