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How to make a success of your group photos

The 12/03/2020 at 18:29

Group photos are always the musts of every event, but it's not so easy to make them a success! The more people there are in a photo, the more complex the picture is. Making a group photo a success becomes a real challenge, especially if it's a large group.

You have to make sure that each individual is well represented in the photo. But you also need to create a sense of cohesion and capture the dynamics of the group. Add to this a precise focus and good lighting…

Here are some tips and tricks to improve your group photos.


Do not neglect the composition

The disposition of the group

The composition of a large group takes a lot of time. If you have a composition in mind, you can work more efficiently. And you will have happier and less impatient subjects.

The composition of a group photo starts with the location. Look for a place where the environment will allow you to place the group at different levels: stairs, benches, rocks and other things can help everyone hold on. 

Don't forget to put the main topic, if there is one, in the foreground. He will be your focal point. You can then place the rest of the group at your convenience. To do this, our little tip is to take a look at the outfits and place the subjects in such a way as to balance the colours they are wearing.





The background must also be taken into account in the group photograph. 

Avoid overly busy backgrounds, otherwise the viewer's eye will not know where to look. Look for something that is not too distracting.

Most group photos use narrower apertures to achieve good focus. Therefore, position group photos far enough away from any background objects to get a slight blur.



Height is also a factor to consider when composing group photos. 

Sometimes shooting from a higher angle can also help reduce distractions. The last thing you want is for a tree to appear to grow from the top of someone's head.

When composing the group photo, also keep in mind the empty space. 


Although you don't want to have too much space or the faces may be tiny, be sure to leave a little space to guide the eye. This will also allow the image to be printed in different sizes.



Capture the right light


A group photo can have a nice composition and a nice pose, but it can also fall flat if the light is off. Lighting is important to maintain ISO sensitivity, aperture, and shutter speed at optimal quality and usage.

It is not always easy to make the light fall on all the faces in the picture.

One of the simplest ways to light up a group photo is to arrange the whole group in the shade or open-shade. This will make the light appear softer and more homogeneous.  

Another option for lighting a group photo, without flash, is to arrange the group against the light. The main trick here is to adjust the exposure of the faces and especially not to place yourself in the axis of the sun.

There are several ways to illuminate a group photo. Everything works, from natural light to the use of multiple lights. The method you choose will depend on your style, your level of experience and the size of the group. 




It's not always necessary to photograph everyone from head to toe... Feel free to zoom in on people's faces, hands or feet to capture details that would be barely apparent in a traditional group photo. Snapshots taken on the spot are natural and authentic, so be sure to photograph your group when they're a bit out of focus! This will make your photo all the more successful.



Observe your group carefully so that you don't miss the perfect time to photograph it. Even if each group is different, there is always that famous moment when all the conditions are right to start taking pictures: be attentive and take your time!

As you are shooting at several people at once, it is almost impossible to check how each of them appears when you press the shutter. There's always a chance that one of them will close their eyes or change position, and you wouldn't even notice it. To get a perfect picture, set your camera to Continuous Low Burst mode (a subset of Burst mode), and take several pictures at once.




If despite all this, you still can't get a rendering that fits everyone, don't worry! There are also several applications like Photofilter that allow you to merge the best parts of several photos into one.



Last but not least... Group photos can be a source of stress, especially when you absolutely want to immortalize the moment. Don't hesitate to smile, joke and make everyone feel comfortable to start your photo session in a good mood!