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The 15 Instagram profiles to follow !

The 05/03/2020 at 17:10

Nature photography 



You may never get the chance to travel around the world, but with National Geographic Travel, you're sure to see a lot. 

National Geogarphic Travel's instagram account helps you get away from your everyday routine and see the greatest wonders. 

Capture the techniques used in each shot and be inspired by them for your next outings around the world. 




Known for his use of natural light and his photo-journalistic approach to landscape, lifestyle, surfing, outdoor and travel photography. 

He is also known for his work with major accounts such as Apple, Land Rover, Microsoft and Sony. His work is published in magazines such as GQ, National Geographic, New Yorker, Vogue and Wired.

His flow is a long stream of expressive and breathtaking images. An incredibly inspiring account for lovers of the outdoors, adventure and water sports. 




The world-renowned, award-winning underwater and nature photographer offers us impressive photographs of the ocean depths. 

His instagram reflects the unforgettable adventure and breathtaking experience of underwater photography.

Darren Jew proves with his pictures that it takes not only good equipment but also infinite patience to capture the wildlife of our precious planet.




The great landscape photographer is in her element when surrounded by wilderness, arid landscapes and mountains. 

Her love for golden hour is evident in her flow.

The hours of sunset and sunrise allow her to use light and colour in the most subtle ways, transforming everyday landscapes into revered scenes and taking pictures with vibrant tones and interesting details that have an aura of mystery.





Northern lights, starry skies, aerial images and sunrise: Michael Shainblum is known for having the most beautiful timelapses in Instagram.

He also has a name with major accounts such as Apple, Nike, Samsung and Google. His work is published in magazines such as National Geographic and the Weather Channel.

An account to inspire you for your night photography outings! 




Some will say that you can't take nice pictures in bad weather conditions. John Bozinov proves us all the opposite with his Nordic expeditions!

Specializing in lifestyle, portrait, adventure and polar expedition photography, the photographer uses his work to encourage the protection and conservation of the natural world.  





Known for his work at National Geographic, especially his famous cover photo, "Afghan Girl" and member of Magnum since 1986, he has won numerous awards. 

His Instagram feed is filled with incredible examples of his photojournalism from around the world. From a study of arms manufacturers in Pakistan to a photo of a Serbian couple kissing on a park bench, each photo tells a story of its own.


Urbain Photography 



Amateur photographer, Demas Rusli presents his most beautiful photographs on Instagram. 

His flow abolishes the boundaries between the real and the imaginary in unusual urban photographs.




This account is a good example of what you can do with a perfect mastery of the features of your iPhone. It captures scenes of life with new perspectives and this, with its smartphone.

Get inspired by his way of mastering light, capturing the amazing silhouettes, shadows and reflections that play with the shapes and lights of cities.


Culinary photography 

@breakfastnbowls & @danielkrieger


Be careful not to go on that account if you're hungry. We devour with our eyes everything Anita publishes.

Do you like to post pictures of your food? Some people have made a career of it and win awards for it. Learn culinary photography from the best and be inspired by it. 


Portrait photography


You don't see enough portrait photography on Instagram. If you need to follow only one account of this style, we recommend Nirav Patel's account.

He gives each portrait an emotional and calm dimension that you should definitely take inspiration from. His portraits are worked with natural and artificial light to draw attention to expression and emotion.




Come face-to-face with wildlife on Donal James Boyd's Instagram account. 

He gets up close and personal with some of the most majestic inhabitants of the planet. Passionate about wildlife conservation, much of his work involves promoting projects to protect fragile ecosystems around the world and you can feel it in his photographs.


Sports photography



If you've ever wondered what's at the top of the mountains, we invite you to discover this Instagram page to get the best overview. 

Be inspired by the photographer's way of blending the world of high adrenaline action, natural beauty and raw human experience.  


Street art photography



We no longer present this great street-artist of renown who reveals on his account his latest artistic projects. Although his works are very diverse in nature, they tend to focus on socio-political themes, consumerism, climate change and police violence.


Discover all his works and go in search of them to capture them from their best angles.