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Photographing your pet may seem simple at first glance, but you still have to follow a few principles to get beautiful shots and not bother your pet too much. Unlike animal photography, photographing your pets does not require any special investment but can be difficult and frustrating. 

Here are some tips to get the most out of each of your little beasts’ photos.

Study behaviour 


Like photographing wild animals, it is advisable to study the behavior of your pet. Once you know your pet's habits, you'll be in a better way to judge when it's right to photograph it. 

In addition, dogs and cats are very interesting subjects to photograph. They're very expressive. Your best shots will be the ones on which the personality of your subject stands out. This will add real value to your photographs.

Be patient


One of the first rules in animal photography is to be patient. Don’t try to catch your pet attention right before your shot. It can be very unexpecting and run before you captured the moment. However, you can catch its attention with a candy or a toy when taking the shot. You’ll then be able to get an attentive look or a cute expression. 

Use the right settings


There are a lot of chances that your pet will be in constant move. To get a clear image, be sure to give importance to your focus. Choose a continuous Autofocus mode, your camera will do the focus by itself.

For the sake of responsiveness, we invite you to opt for a burst mode. It can be very convenient to go as fast as possible and still get an interesting photo.

Also choose the priority mode at the opening. Real time saver, you won't have to take care of your treats. This mode also allows you to choose a large aperture and therefore benefit from a high shutter speed and a nice blur in the background (highlighting the animal).

Also dare macros. All animals, dogs or cats, have a special feature making them unique, it is essential to capture them. This advice is even more true, for smaller animals (rodents, fish, birds...)


Use natural light


Natural light will remain your best ally to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Avoid photographs that are completely in control of sunlight, which could skew the real colors. We also advise you not to use the flash: the bright glow that the flash will create could scare your pet and make it reacts in unpredictable ways, making shooting more complicated.

Take care of your composition 

As for every photograph, the image composition is essential for a successful photo. Pay attention to the background, colors, textures, and use them to your advantage to create a neat composition. If you opt for an animal portrait, bet on your pet’s eyes: make its eyes the strength of your composition.

Get up to its height



As with children photos, you can put yourself up to the height of your pet. This way, you create a truthful portrait and contextualize the animal in its environment. However, you can choose a different perspective by opting for diving or counter-diving techniques. You will give your photography other nuances.

Animal photography is a time-consuming but captivating discipline. Photographing your pets can be a good exercise before you embark on the field of photographic hunting on the lookout. It can also be a source of wonderful memories and incredible shots. 

A photo print can then sublimate your best shots. A square Mini format (13 x 13cm) or a Nude finish will allow you to opt for a gallery quality print of your photos, thanks to our photographic laboratory.