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How to succeed your end of the year celebrations photographs?

The 28/11/2019 at 11:53

End of the year celebrations equal to warm moments, sparkling decorations, and sometimes snowy landscapes. Immortalize these moments with your camera thanks to our advices for professional like photos. 




A warm light 

During winter the night falls early and the lights are soft and subdued. For great photos, even to the glimmer of a candle, check your exposure settings. 

Parameter the white balance on tungsten mode (bulb icon), ideal for orange shades photographs. 

Low light also means ISO settings. Rise sensitivity while taking attention to the grain of the image and to the flash. 




Immortalize emotional moments 

End of the year celebrations are perfect for beautiful family photos, portraits of our loved ones, and unmissable photos of astounded children opening their gift under the tree. 

For portrait photos, your 50mm lens will be enough. 




Vary the angles and play with depth of field 

A blurry first plan such as a Christmas decoration and a clear main scene will create some relief to your images. Get closer to your subject, use your zoom and a big opening (small value of F) for well-made staging and backgrounds.

The good idea: Go to Christmas markets and take photos of the celebration’s windows’ details. 




For more original photos, the Christmas tree and the tinsels are good subjects to practice taking photos of beautiful bokeh, these luminous forms artistically blurred. Start!




Do not forget yourselves! Generally little used, the timer can allow you to be on the end of the year celebrations’ photographs. 




The Christmas spirit is also to please and spoil your loved ones. Choose between your most beautiful shots the ones that deserve to ne on your walls and opt for an argentic print. Gallery frame finish, Acrylic Glass print, aluminium, or even shadowbox, there is a print and a frame to sublimate each one of your end of the year celebrations’ photographs thanks to the Zeinberg’s expertise, the professional photo print website. 

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