Go for a late-night photographic walk

At night, cities and countryside are adorned with a wave of mystery. In times of confinement and curfews, night photography becomes a forbidden game. If the night photographic walks have been stopped for a while, it is still possible to dream in front of the superb images that these insomniac photographers offer us, or even to begin to learn this practice.





As an undisputed master of night photography, Brassaï has helped shape our vision of a poetic Paris, a city of light rarely asleep, through the images of his nocturnal strolls. In the half-light or absorbed by the dark night, the facades and store windows of department stores look like fascinating movie sets.


Franck Bohbot, Bookstar LA © Yellow Korner

Franck Bohbot, Bookstar LA © Yellow Korner


Photographer and hunter of urban twilight, Franck Bohbot draws his inspiration from both the cinema and Edward Hopper's paintings to immortalize city dwellers night owls in the almost deserted streets of New York and California. Under the raw glow of neon lights, passers-by, partygoers or solitary strollers, wander through the night in the city that (almost) never sleeps.


Jules Valentin, Ondes Marines XX © Yellow Korner

Jules Valentin, Ondes Marines XX © Yellow Korner


Captivated by the incessant movement of the water and by the immensity of the ocean, Jules Valentin offers us superb nocturnal images of the ocean. His pictures, offered in partnership with the YellowKorner galleries, invite contemplation and serenity.


Photographer in the night - Royalty-free photo

Royalty-free photo


If you want to try your hand at night photography, equip yourself with a tripod to limit the blur inherent to a long exposure. In the absence of brightness, with the low light offered by the moon and urban furniture, it will be necessary to opt for a long exposure time so that the sensor of your camera stores enough light, stability is essential. Perhaps you have a remote control to trigger your camera remotely once your settings are made? This will avoid the slightest sudden movement for a clear night picture. Choose a fast shutter speed to freeze movement and a wide aperture, especially without a tripod.

Then select your favorite night photo to have it printed in large format by our lab. A print on silver photo paper in a matte acrylic glass finish will look great for your night photos thanks to the accentuated perspective and depth effect. Bedroom or living room, then all you have to do is choose where to hang your personal framed photo!


© Justine Grosset, 2021


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