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The photographs not to miss in Berlin

The 31/10/2019 at 12:05

Following our European tour with one of the most atypical capitals of Europe: Berlin. 

Berlin is an incredible mix of wonderful landscapes, of fascinating history, and of a dynamic festive and social culture. It makes the city incredibly photogenic. 


Discover through its light, street art and history, a selection of places to photograph if you pass through the German capital. 


Germany without cliché

The Brandebourg Gate 


The Pariser Platz on which the Brandenburg Gate stands is very popular with tourists from all over the world looking for the best place to take a souvenir photo.

The Pariser Platz offers the best angles of the Brandenburg Gate for photos.  You can photograph her at any time of the day and capture her different moods. Golden hours offer impressive shadow games.


Berlin Wall


A section of the Berlin Wall is housed by the East Side Gallery. The gallery is covered with more than a kilometer of graffiti and the most famous images of the dismantling of the wall.

We advise you to go there early in the morning to avoid the hordes of photographers. In the middle of a sunny day to make the most of the flamboyant colors of artists' graffiti or in a greyer day the bright colors can create a deep effect, due to contrasts, or reflect on the ground after the rain. Ideal for offbeat urban photography.


The Charlie Checkpoint 


Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most important landmarks in Berlin, was the most famous border crossing between the former East Berlin and West Berlin. Immortalize this unique moment that echoes Berlin's troubled past.


Berlin from above

The Reichstag dome 


The city is rather flat so we advise you to take height to get beautiful dives. The headquarters of the German Parliament, the historic Reichstag building, should be on the list of places to visit in Berlin for photographers. The panoramic glass dome on the roof is one of the highlights of the Berlin skyline. From here, you will gain height and be able to create an extraordinary panoramic photo thanks to the 360 visions offered by the dome.


The Berlin TV Tower


Climb to the top of the Berlin TV tower, or Fernsehturm, which dominates the Berlin skyline. The view is amazing and promises quality shots.  


The Panorama 37


Another spectacular view of Berlin is Panorama 37, located on the 37th floor of the Radisson Park Inn located just off Alexander Platz. It is ideal for an aerial photo. From here you have stunning views of Berlin and a unique view of the Fernsehturm (TV tower) from the sky.


Artistic Berlin

The Trabis



In a rainbow of colors, these colorful little cars, Berliner icons, bring a little bit of warmness to the city. If you manage to cross them, capture this instant in a beautiful vintage photo. 




Berlin is the center of street art and sculpture. Capture the astonishing atmosphere of Kreuzberg created by a mix of street art and graffiti, for photos with dazzling colors.


Molecule Man


These impressive sculpted men represent a strong peace symbol for the capital and can certainly be mentioned as one of the best shots in Berlin. 

This sculpture will assure you a unique photo. 

To obtain the best angle possible and an overall photo, we advise you to go on the Oberbaumbrücke bridge. 

There’s only one more thing to do: Take your camera and make the best out of this scheming European capital. 

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