The photographs not to miss in London

The 17/10/2019 at 11:45

For this new theme, we travel is the biggest European capitals. From the most popular locations to the most unusual, we propose you to immortalize the must-see city in United-Kingdom through a ten of photos. 


Dare the clichés 


Big Ben 

It’s impossible to visit London without photographing Big Ben. It is probably the most photographed building in London. The tower photographed during the golden hour or in a sunny day will allow you to make the most of its spectacular architecture. 



For a different point of view, we advise you to photograph it from the Westminster Bridge or from Queen’s walk. 


Tower Bridge

The UK's most iconic bridge does not need to be introduced again.

If you want a nice angle to take a picture of it, stand on the banks of the Thames, both during the day and at night, when it has its most beautiful lights. The Gothic building is the most photogenic bridge for a night time photo outing.


Picadilly Circus 

As a popular tourist destination, Picadilly Circus is the city's hotspot. The originality of this place is the set of bright advertising signs reminiscent of the famous Times Square in New York. Like Times Square, Picadilly Circus lends itself to night photographs, especially to capture advertising lights mixed with Gothic architecture.


We advise you to use a tripod in order to stabilize your shot in the middle of the touristic tumult. 


Get up high


Admire and capture the city from above: London offers the possibility to admire from above several buildings (O2 Arena roof, the Emirates cable car, the silver Rooster, the Saint Paul Cathedral galleries, or the Sky garden). Nocturnal views from the highest buildings of the city are always breathtaking. 



London Eye

If you want to discover London from another point of view, take a seat in the big wheel. London Eye offers an exceptional panorama on London, with Westminster area and Big Ben nearby. Once again, the night views will make you capture the most beautiful illuminated landscape of the city.



Street Photography 

Soho neighborhood 

From the dazzling colors of Chinatown to the historical architecture of Covent Garden, you can’t be disappointed from the photographic walk that offers you Soho. Immortalize the fun and amazing atmosphere of this small London neighborhood by letting yourself go to street photography.



Camden town 

Come and capture the atmosphere of this extravagant part of London. You can observe street art and soak up the surrounding punk and Gothic culture. This area is conducive to street photography, so forget the passers-by and photograph moments of colorful life.



Notting Hill

Notting Hill promises you the most beautiful backdrop for your portrait photographs. Change your point of view by immortalizing an urban jungle from around the doors, with shimmering colors, which are part of the originality of the city. 

Unexpected and breathtaking photos guaranteed! 



Take advantage of these urban walks to capture the most beautiful memories. A Zeinberg online photo print will then permit to develop your London photos in gallery quality thanks to a bespoke print solution. A big format print will offer a central position to your shots in your interior.