Three accessible cameras for beginners that make professional photos

The 03/10/2019 at 15:10

Want to try photography? You’ll be able to rediscover your environment with a new look and immortalize your next adventures. 

The first step before learning photography is to choose your camera. Here is our affordable selection to choose the companion for your next photo trips. 



There is no need to invest in a professional camera. Prefer an ergonomic model with accessible settings, that you’ll like to use. 

Keep a margin of progress so that you do not have to change it too quickly. SLR or hybrid everything depends on the desired use: macrophotography, portraits, landscapes, photos of concerts in regular or occasional use.


The hybrid: The “Jack of all Trades”

Its best advantage will be its ratio size to weight. With a retro look and not cumbersome, the hybrid allows you to learn the art of photography. We recommend two models that perform well and capable to compete with SLR. 

The Olympus E-M10 Mark III, light (410g) and universal, will be ideal to travel. It has a reclining LCD screen and 5 stabilization axes. Video fans will appreciate the 4K and the Wi-Fi option to easily transfer photos. 


The Panasonic Lumix GX80: small, light (383g) but powerful. With a double stabilization, its strong point is without comparison its responsiveness. A design less elegant than the Olympus but a great image quality. Only downside: its autonomy.



The DSLR. 

Recommended for more specific needs (animal photography, sports photography), SLRs delight those who are looking for more responsiveness and a range of powerful lenses. 

Our choice was the Canon EOS 750D (also think of the more accessible 1300D). With simple ergonomics and an average weight of 555g, this SLR is a sure bet. The image is very detailed, the sensor performs well and its LCD screen fully articulated.


Our last advice: Whichever model you choose, the most important is to dive into its settings and practice daily. 

Your photos can then give rise to a professional print through our online photo lab. Photo on Acrylic Glass or Aluminium print in the format of your choice, the Zeinberg photographic laboratory has custom options for a gallery-quality rendering acclaimed by the greatest photographers.


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