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The 26/09/2019 at 14:43

In 2019, Paris proves once again that it deserves its title of world capital of photography. In addition to the dynamism of the Paris-Photo show, the major exhibitions are multiplying.


From the beginning of the year, the capital has offered us a joyful musical ride alongside Robert Doisneau. An exhibition rich in unpublished photographs and punctuated by meetings of street orchestra and accordionists bursting with life.




The Dora Maar studio collection has, for the first time since its entry into the collections in Pompidou Center, been the subject of an exhibition. More than 500 works and documents offer an incredible retrospective of a work of this free and accomplished Parisian intellectual.




The YellowKorner Gallery in La Hune exhibited a real ode to travel and beauty with a selection of twenty photographs (printed on handmade Japanese paper) by Matthieu Ricard. "Half a century in the Himalayas" offers a benevolent look, filled with wisdom and serenity on the landscapes and the daily life of the Himalayan populations.




Note: The total revenues generated by the sale of his art, his books and his conferences is donated to his foundation, which has been supporting nearly 250,000 people every year in Asia in the field of health. , the environment and education.


If you miss these shows, do not worry! Paris and its exhibitions are still holding surprises. Photography is still on for the end of 2019, here is a selection of exhibitions to discover absolutely:


This summer and until September 22, the Jeu de Paume invites us in the footsteps of Sally Maan. A wonderful exhibition of unpublished and unknown photographs to the public takes us to the southern United States of the 80s to discover a homeland that has shaped the hypnotizing work of this eminent artist.




Discover until Dec. 1st at the roof of the Grande Arche, the sensational exhibition of Yann Arthus-Bertrand: Legacy, unique testimony of the state of our planet. This exhibition is a work of more than 50 years that works to public awareness and the development of concrete solutions for a lifestyle more respectful of the planet and its occupants.




The Louvre-Lens welcomes you from September 25 to discover the sober and touching work of Polish photographer Kasimir Zgorecki. Hundreds of negatives from the 20-30's, discovered in the family attic, testify to the life of a Polish community that emigrated to northern France, anxious to show its integration and success skills while keeping its traditions.





Paris keeps us discovering the many facets of this art so popular and intimate at the same time. From iconic photographers to the discoveries of the moment, the capital offers a panel of exhibitions of all kinds to discover absolutely. Like Yann Arthus-Bertrand or Matthieu Ricard, shoot your most beautiful photographs gallery quality with the Zeinberg photographic laboratory and measure yourself to the greatest photographers.