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Professional or amateur photographer, you are certainly wondering what to do with your most beautiful photographic achievements.


The printing and framing of your photographs is a perfect way to protect, enhance and bring to life your favorite photos.



Protect and bring to life your most beautiful photos.


A frame is first and foremost an effective and aesthetic way to protect your photographs from dust, light and other wear and tear for years to come.



A framed photo print is a unique decorative object.


The layout of your interior is an element to take into account as well as the subject and the format of your photo.


Prefer a white or mahogany wood picture frame for a retro effect or an aluminum frame for a more contemporary style.


Choose what suits the best to your photograph to magnify it and allow you to discover your interior in a new light.



The choice of the finish also enhances the contrasts and nuances of the photos to reveal all the beauty.


So which framework to sublimate your exploits?


The Shadowbox, important to art galleries, is a sober and sophisticated framing solution in which the photographic pasted print seems to float between the background and the frame. The Shadowbox will give a lightness and depth effect to your photographs, an ideal choice for large format photos.


Our Zeinberg laboratory offers a Shadowbox frame finish for Large to Collector formats.


Another popular finish of photography exhibitions, the Gallery Frame will sublimate your photos.


Timeless, this frame of a silver print placed under Acrylic Glass is underlined by a bevelled cardboard mat.


This high-quality finish will emphasize the depth of a landscape or portrait photography.


For example, we recommend the gallery frame to reveal the beauty and the contrasts of a black and white print.


Offering the choice of a frame solution and a custom-made photo frame our professional photo lab Zeinberg accompanies you step by step for a simple and personalized high-quality digital gallery printing.


A framed photo print is also an original and personalized gift idea for your loved ones.


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