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Such as the light, framing is essential in photography. If all the parameters are not necessarily adjustable, the way we enhance the subject is totally personal. Discover the options available for you and their meanings.



The format


The first choice is an horizontal framing, rather reserved for landscapes and photos of nature; or vertical (portrait).



The square format is also becoming more and more popular to give a modern look to the photos.



No imperative though! Thus, a landscape can be photographed vertically to energize the photographic scene and all may result to a professional print.



The plan


The wide shot for an overview.


It allows to put the environment in relation with the subject. A wide shot of a person in a blank space will accentuate the notion of landscape grandeur and the isolation of the subject. This frame will be sublimated by a professional print in Large (90 x 60cm) or Giant (150 x 100 cm).



The full frame: the ally of the portrait.


It includes the subject at the scene while retaining a part of the environment. His alternatives, the American plan (mid-thigh) or the chest plan, refocus the scene on the character incorporating more personality in the composition.



The close-up: emotion guaranteed.


This very close framing gives intensity to the scene, a focus on the eyes or cheekbones accentuate its intimate character. The elegance of this frame will be enhanced by a black and white digital print in Gallery Frame for example.




The height of view

A low angle view: to give majesty.

The height of the look is of paramount importance: a low-angle view will give a building an epic character and charisma to a portrait photograph.


The dive will change the perspective by accentuating the tenderness that emerges from the scene, ideal for a photo of baby, for instance. This framing can give a vertiginous aspect to a landscape, like an aerial photo. A Shadowbox photo print will be adequate to print in a large format photo taken in a low-angle view.



There are as many frames as there are photographers. These notions, however, are a good way to combine the style and the content in your personal photographs. Then, choose the appropriate size and frame to print your photos easily with our professional Zeinberg photo lab.


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