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The 5 adjustments that easily improve your photos

The 25/07/2019 at 11:47

You have followed our advice to progress in photography and yet the desired effect is not always there?


Fortunately, a few simple touch-ups and free software will allow you to draw attention to the essentials and forget the few flaws of your shot.


1.A perfect look 


Some cameras automatically correct them, but red eyes are often the main flaw in portrait photography, especially in night-time shooting after using the flash. 


Check out the free FixRedEyes tool that specializes in this treatment.




2. A perfect tone 


Enhance your loved ones with the “beauty” options of retouching tools. 


Free and with a nice interface, Fotor allows you to remove scars, wrinkles or imperfections for a bright tone and smile. 

On your smartphone, enjoy the professional but natural effect from Relook (4,49€ on App Store). 



3.Get your hands on the exposure settings. 


Contrast, brightness, white balance or saturation... difficult to reconcile all the parameters by pressing the trigger. Most sites like Fotor or Aviary, such as Afterlight or Line Camera apps, allow you to change these settings. 


Adjust the white balance to set a tone or dim colorful lighting and then saturation based on the desired effect.







4. Go for black and white 


Portrait but also nature photo or landscapes will take another dimension in black and white. An architectural or urban photo fits perfectly to the monochromy. 


Be careful to make the necessary alterations of the basic settings on the black and white shot.






5. Clear it up! 

You are certainly not the only one who has the willing to immortalize this landscape or this building. 


Tourist spots can be photographed early in the morning or simply retouched in edition. The buffer tool will allow you to make an item disappear, whether it's an imperfection or a character!


Our favorite ? Pixlr or the application Touch Retouch 


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