Discover the top 4 photography trends of 2023.

As the year gently ends, our photo lab invites you to revisit its 4 top photography trends. Discover the highlights of 2023 through images and advice, right in time before diving into 2024!



Artificial Intelligence, the hot topic of 2023 

Picture generated by AI


Artificial intelligence is here to stay. AI has been a hot topic in many fields this year, and photography is no exception. From AI-assisted image creation to retouching, new technologies have changed the face of photography. Fake news and unparalleled creative successes have pushed back the boundaries of photography while redefining the contours of the profession.

Drones and aerial photography

In a year that hasn’t always been easy, taking to the skies allows for a breath of fresh air and poetry; nothing accomplishes this like aerial photography.

aerial photography


Drones and embedded devices are increasingly popular and are now available in professional or more accessible versions. Drones have been among photographers’ favorite “toys” this year. The anticipated trend for 2024? Aerial landscapes, yes, but also portraits captured with the assistance of a drone.

Neon light plays 

Neon light


Etymologically meaning “writing with light,” photography reveals its full creative potential in the glow of neon lights! Ideal for adding a futuristic touch to personal images or creating a cyberpunk atmosphere inspired by science fiction films, especially through long exposure shots, neon lights have brought great joy to photographers in 2023.


picture by night


Capturing images in neon is also a great way to play with reflections. With neon light, nighttime photography in urban environments has found its best illumination!

Surreal Compositions


Who said photography had to be realistic, serious, or documentary? Not the star photographers of 2023!  

surreal picture


The boundless imagination of artist photographers invites us to free our subconscious and imagine dreamlike shots with intriguing details that spark curiosity. Retouching, artificial intelligence, and thoughtful staging: surrealist photography has placed the past year between dream and reality.



The end of the year is also an opportunity to organize your pictures to select the ones to be printed in a custom artwork.

Start 2024 surrounded by the gallery-quality print of your favorite 2023 moments with a personalized Zeinberg print.



© 2023, Justine Grosset for Zeinberg 


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