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How to shoot the sun rays

The 27/06/2019 at 15:31

Integrate the sun to your photographs is an interesting idea because playing with the light and the sun rays will give some dynamism to your personal photos. However, this requires mastering a few tweaks by following our technical photo tips.


Appropriate equipment ;

Without investing in a telephoto lens or professional equipment, since the idea is not to embark on a technical session, it is recommended to use a Reflex or hybrid rather than your smartphone.

Thus, to avoid getting a white halo or a completely black photo, the quality of your camera's sensor will be decisive.




Master your exposure settings.

A good tip to immortalize beautiful rays of sun with a celestial body star is to underexpose its image: this will compensate for the extreme brightness of the sun.

Regarding the measurement of exposure, our devices are generally equipped with three modes:

-The matrix measurement, the device automatically analyzes the scene and makes an average of the overall exposure, a simple mode used by default.

-The selective measure with central preponderance, to avoid in our case because it favors the measurement taken in the center of the image, so the sun.

-The spot measurement, interesting for this case, allows to analyze the exposure according to a specific point of the image; no exact rule but the best will be to measure on a point not being the sun (the rest of the photo will be too dark), nor the shadows (the star would be too white).



Photograph in RAW

The RAW format keeps all the scene information in memory. This will allow, during software development, to make some tone adjustments. This format is therefore recognized as ideal for photographing the sun.  


Relatively technical, the sun photographs are then superb decorative elements. Choose a film development of your photographic exploits with Zeinberg online printing solutions. We recommend a photo print on Acrylic Glass to bring out the brightness of your subject.


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