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10 photographs that changed the history

The 04/06/2019 at 14:29

An image is worth a thousand words. In the press, during a photo exhibition, or on the social networks, the photograph affirms the highlights of our history. Flash back on the 10 photos that marked our time.
10 – Black  Power  Salute  (1968)  - John  Dominis

1968 at the Olympics Games in Mexico City, Tommie Smith and John Carlos do the Black Panthers Salute and denounce the persistent racism.

9 – Kathrine Switzer (1967) - Anonyme

Kathrine Switzer takes the start of the Boston Marathon, banned for women. One of the organizers is trying to prevent her, but in vain, she will finish the race and will symbolize the women’s emancipation.

8 - Napalm  Girl  (1972) - Nick  Ut

In the midst of the Vietnam war, the horror of this sight witnessing the suffering of the civilians victims of napalm bombing shocked the world public opinion;

7 –The child Aylan ( (2015) - Nilüfer Demir

This photo of a three-year-old kid, Aylan Kurdi, who died on a Turkish beach, denounced the suffering and urgency of the migration crisis in Europe.

6 – The Immolation of the Monk Thich Quang Duc (1963) – Malcom Browne

This cliché immortalizes the extreme act of claiming the bonze self-immolation to protest against the dictatorship and oppression of the Buddhists of Vietnam.

5 –  Man Walking on the Moon; (1969) - Neil  Armstrong

The american astronaut immortalizes his teammate during their first steps on the moon, a new border crossed by a man.

4 – The Man of the Tian’anmen square; (1989)  -  Jeff  Widener

This photograph will symbolize the Chinese students fight against the army oppression. The student opposed to the chars stays anonymous.


3 – Arrest in the Warsaw arrest (1943) - Anonyme 

This photograph realized by the SS was initially a shot intended for the administration. It became a witness of the Nazi cruelty during the Nuremberg trial.


2 –The falling man; (2011) – Richard Drew

The traumatism of a nation shaked by the 9/11 embodies here by the jump of an employee of the World Trade Center.


1 – Atomic cloud above Nagasaki (1945) – Lieutenant Charles Levy

Three days after Hiroshima, the U.S. military dropped a second atomic bomb and forever changed the balance of power between nations.


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