How to capture the festive spirit of summer music festivals ?



Summer festivals are vibrant parties thanks to a distinct atmosphere created by the perfect blend of music, dance, and joy. If you have a deep passion for music and photography, seize the opportunity to attend this season’s festivals to capture unforgettable moments with your camera or smartphone.


Be prepared


Make sure you are well prepared to photograph the performances of your favorite DJs, singers, and artists by thoroughly checking the event’s schedule and identifying the best locations for your photos. Festivals can span from a few hours to several days, so remember to bring extra batteries and memory cards to photograph the diverse ambiance across various stages.




Embrace the festival's craze

Silhouettes, crowds, and movements are all part of a festival’s ambiance. To reflect this exuberance on your images, find a position that allows you to capture sharp photos while staying true to the festival’s essence. Embrace the atmosphere’s excitement, while attentively observing the expressions and gestures of artists and festival-goers.



Experiment with light effects

Festivals often showcase spectacular light displays. Play with vibrant colored lights, lasers, and screens to bring dynamism into your photos. Experiment with your camera’s aperture and shutter speed settings to capture mesmerizing light trails and artistic blurring effects. If you are slightly distanced from the stage with your tripod and telephoto lens, venture into long exposure shots as night descends.




Take a picture of the best festival looks

We love Green, Rock en Seine, Solidays, Elektrik Park, Calvi on The Rocks, Coachella, or Burning Man—all these festivals are internationally renowned for their unconventional and eclectic fashion styles! If you revel in street style or fashion photography, these events might just be heaven on earth for you.



Consider utilizing burst mode to capture multiple images. Carefully select your finest shots to have them printed on high-end photo paper with a gallery finish. To highlight the festival’s alternative artistic spirit, choose our Fine Art finish : inspired by concert posters, this high-quality printing style is available for our Large, Giant, or Collector formats, with or without a frame, offering an elegant finish to your Zeinberg prints.




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