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Why the poster is not unfashionable anymore?

The 23/05/2019 at 17:11

Until recently the poster had gone out of fashion, impersonal and reproduced in high quantity by the major furniture brands. Today, the Fine Art finish is back to life thanks to its technical quality and the "naked" character it renders to the original image.

We are not talking about a simple poster but a high end finish,  now offered by Zeinberg. 


Fine Art: a professional-quality photo print

Unlike the photo prints on Dibond (an aluminum composite panel), Fine Art is a finish for which the photo is printed on photo paper without any other element. The photograph is then revealed in its purest expression, based on the negative made through your digital photography and thanks to the expertise of the photographic laboratory.



The poster print revisited by the professional photo lab


For fans of posters and their retro spirit who do not wish to ignore quality, Fine Art will be a revelation. Authenticity can finally be combined with personalization by making large-format printing of your own photos accessible. Your interior will be unlike any other: the custom photo print in Fine Art Finish guarantees a unique piece and will enhance your favorite shots, whether you're an amateur or a professional photographer.



Why fine art?


This finish allows, by stripping the photograph of its frame, to return to the essentials by  showing only the image. This artistic choice will enhance the intimacy and emotion that emerges from the cliché and accentuate its singularity. More modern than the Gallery Frame or the Shadowbox, Fine Art responds to a need to return to the essentials: photography.


Fine Art lends itself particularly well to a black and white print, the monochrome highlighting the elegance and intimacy of a cliché. Rather than a portrait, this option will suit an art photo or a vintage photo.

Latest addition to the Zeinberg range, the Fine Art will sublimate your photos from 99€ while guaranteeing you a quality of print recognized by the greatest photographers. The combination of Zeinberg expertise and your photographic achievements.