Which format should you use for an exhibition ?

Preparing an exhibition of your personal photographs is a powerful moment in which it is important to leave nothing to chance. Whether you are a professional photographer who is used to the exercise or an amateur photographer preparing your first exhibition, discover our recommendations. Format, medium, or exposure level: you can trust our laboratory, partner to some of the greatest photographers in the world, to guide you step by step in the preparation of your exhibition.


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Define the Format of Your Photo Prints for an Exhibition

Well before the printing process of your best photos, it is important to think, from the moment of shooting, about the way in which you’d like to present your work. A photograph taken to be distributed on social networks is not taken in the same conditions as an image destined to be exhibited or published in a photo book. Their formats will not be the same.

Although RAW format files need larger storage capacity on your memory card, it is preferable to shoot in this file type rather than JPEG (usually the default mode of your camera). The RAW image format offers great freedom for retouching and colour balance settings.

Once created and retouched if necessary, your photograph is ready to be printed. Again, think about the look and format of your desired print right from the shooting phase. You have immortalised a dazzling panorama and you’d like a custom print? Do your images best reveal their power in large format? Or would you rather create a more intimate exhibition, presenting prints in small and medium formats? It is clear that the surface of the gallery or exhibition site will have an impact on this choice. Each format option must also be carefully considered, to heighten your photo and create the desired atmosphere.

Alu, Plexiglas, Dibond: Which Medium Should You Choose for Your Photographic Prints?

Photojournalism, portraits, or fashion photography lend themselves perfectly to a photo exhibition. This event will increase the visibility of your work, presenting the prints of your most successful photos. So that the quality of the print enhances your shots, select the type of medium the most suitable for your image and for the expected conditions of display.




Whether you opt for an aluminium or plexiglas medium, it is also possible to add a shadow-gap frame to your large-format prints. This finish, coveted by artists and galleries, brings inimitable elegance to your photos. With its ethereal look, the shadow-gap frame allows your photograph to draw your audience’s eye.


Indoor or Outdoor Photo Exhibition?

Many photo festivals show their artists’ work in the open air. Are you hesitating about organising your own outdoor photo exhibition? Original and more accessible, this type of exhibition format requires special preparation. The artworks will most likely be illuminated by natural lighting, in which case, prefer the summer season (for the weather, too). In order to offer a high-quality experience to your visitors, opt for large-format prints that can be seen from a distance. For an outdoor exhibition, it is vital to choose a medium that will protect your photographs from rain or sun: Aluminium or Plexiglas prints satisfy these demands.

Is your exhibition taking place in your home, at a gallery or café? It will then be possible to opt for a Fine Art print and take advantage of a frame. You can also have one of your key artworks printed and exhibited on Aluminium or Plexi on Fine Art photo paper to offer this kind of accessible print for sale.


Temporary or Permanent Photo Exhibition?

Rare are those professional photographers who are able to enjoy a permanent photo exhibition. If you are lucky enough to be able to exhibit your photographs for long periods, in the lobby of a hotel, a museum, or simply at home, ensure that the exhibition conditions showcase your images. Also check that your partners can inform the people wanting to acquire one of your works (it is of course possible to add the sale price to the caption panel alongside your photos).

Do you prefer to opt for a pop-up photo exhibition? Choose a renowned gallery in your field or a thoroughfare that will make your work known to the general public. Schedule an announcement regarding the subject, location, and duration of your exhibition and keep the local or specialised press and social networks informed.


Our Professional Photo Laboratory

As a partner to many French and international galleries and photographers, Zeinberg photography laboratory is dedicated to the printing and framing of your finest creations. Designed to be exposed to the gaze of both your loved ones and the general public, Zeinberg photo prints enjoy the renowned expertise of our photo printers. Each photo that you entrust to us is verified and optimised so that its printing and finish highlight your particular view of the world, in the moment you share it with others.

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