Monochrome Photography Decoded

You don't need to look for complex effects to give your personal photographs an artistic touch: monochrome is ideal. To approach 2022 with style and simplicity, Zeinberg decodes monochrome photography for you.

Nolwenn Hadet, Seul dans la Glace © Yellow Korner

Nolwenn Hadet, Seul dans la Glace © Yellow Korner


Monochrome consists of having only one colour in the image. There is no risk that the subject will lack relief thanks to the different shades and tones, from light to dark. Monochrome is often reduced to black and white, if it is a variation of grey not all photographers consider it a true monochrome. Your monochrome can be done in the colour range of your choice, red, blue, green: your subject sets the tone.


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Some landscapes lend themselves more easily than others to monochrome: oceans, snowy mountains or ski slopes will allow you to practice. Macro photography can also allow you to explore the possibilities of green monochrome. Certain moments expected by photographers, such as the blue hour or the golden hour, saturate the panorama with a single colour with multiple variations of shades.


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For more experienced photographers, portraiture is an interesting alternative. Be inspired by the images of Argentine artist Mono Giraud who uses the beige palette to reveal feminine elegance at Yellow Korner.


Mono Giraud, Florecen © Yellow Korner

Mono Giraud, Florecen © Yellow Korner


Nuance, luminosity and saturation: these 3 criteria give character to the monochrome. A blue monochrome like the one photographed by Olivier Kauffmann highlights the richness of the nuances available to you to create a seascape in a blue monochrome.


Olivier Kauffmann, Gruissans Blue © Yellow Korner

Olivier Kauffmann, Gruissans Blue © Yellow Korner


Playing with luminosity allows you to bring in shadows while keeping a single colour in the image. You can, of course, transform a colour photo into a monochrome one using your retouching software.

The intensity (the saturation of the colour) gives movement and character to the image. Take advantage of the vibrancy of nature's colours or enhance the colour saturation to perfect your monochrome art image.


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By highlighting a single colour, monochrome photography draws attention and captures the eye. Enhance your most beautiful monochrome photos with a Zeinberg fine art print. Select the right format for your image and let yourself be seduced by a gallery quality photo print in our Plexiglass finish. This print, appreciated by the greatest photographers, magnifies the colours and their intensity while protecting your personal photos for a long time.


© 2022, Justine Grosset for Zeinberg


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