Escape to the sea

The ocean fascinates the greatest photographers. If you're lucky enough to spend your summer on the coast, take the opportunity to improve your photographic practice and imagine new approaches for original vacation images worthy of professional artists. Here is our selection and some tips to inspire you before you set sail. 




Stormed by the waves, the Breton lighthouses photographed by Mathieu Rivrin for Yellow Korner, embody as much the resilience of these stone watchtowers as the strength of the raging elements. Savor the iodized air while taking pictures of these highly photogenic silhouettes in case of storm warnings as well as in calm weather. 


Mathieu Rivrin, Avis de Tempête au Phare De La Jument I © Yellow Korner

Mathieu Rivrin, Avis de Tempête au Phare De La Jument I © Yellow Korner


Do you have a drone? It's the ideal photographer's equipment for original vacation photographs. Be inspired by Alex Reyval's Zeinberg Aluminum finish promises your silver prints durability and character. 


2021, Justine Grosset © Zeinberg

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