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6 tips to succeed your photos on your smartphone

The 13/02/2019 at 11:28

6 tips to succeed your photos on your smartphone 


Everyone likes to imagine himself as an amateur photographer, but sometimes some of us do not dare to go for photography without having some sharp material. Think again! Most smartphones have good built-in cameras. 


It is possible to take professional photos with your smartphone, you just have to follow these 6 tips. 


1- Isolate your subject 


Focus on your subject by touching the screen, you will get a custom focus. By default, the focus will be at the centre of the scene but you can take control for more personal compositions.  



2- Look for a natural light


The smartphones’ reduced sensors capture less light. A too strong light will bring out the defects and shadows, wait for a softer light at the end of the day or early in the morning. 


3- Apply the one-third rule 


Each sight can be divided by 3 horizontal and vertical lines whose intersections are the strengths. Think about it while composing your photo by displaying the composition grid, that will ensure a straight horizon line. 

Visualize your subject within this composition and try different angles to perfect your shot. 



4- Do not use the zoom too much


The more you zoom in, the more quality you lose, since it is cropped. Get as close to your subject as possible and hold your smartphone with both hands in order to stabilize it. 


5- Go to the next level 


Download an application such as VSCO will allow you to do more technical but accessible settings, like the ISO (a lack of brightness will be offset by a rise in these). 



6- Be aware of your smartphone limits



Night shots or movements are difficult to transcribe without a stabilizer or an advanced flash. 


Do you want to capture this sunset? Fix your phone against a stand, increase the ISO and use the self-timer.


Adopt these habits and you will be surprised by the result. Once mastered, your photos on smartphones could be magnified by our photographic laboratory for professional-quality prints. Zeinberg offers an enlargement of your smartphone’s photos from a Mini format (19 X 13 cm) to a Large one (90 X 60 cm). 


Do not expose exclusively your most beautiful photos on your Facebook wall or on your Instagram page anymore, exhibit them on your living room’s walls! 


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