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Wildlife and naturalist photographers are on the front line to witness the impact of global warming and pollution on our ecosystems. Among them, those who dive to meet marine fauna are the privileged witnesses of the richness and fragile balance of oceanic biodiversity.


Royalty free photo Royalty free photo


This is the case of the Mexican photographer Christian Vizl, a partner of the Yellow Korner galleries. His black and white photos show that underwater photography does not need colour to gain in dramatic intensity. 


hristian Vizl, Bull Shark at Playa © Yellow Korner Christian Vizl, Bull Shark at Playa © Yellow Korner


Other photographers, such as Pascal Kobeh, the diving photographer, do not hesitate to get up close and personal with the most impressive creatures, such as this great white shark. In this photograph, the artist shares his encounter with the shark, a rare moment marked by respect and serenity.


Pascal Kobeh, À la rencontre du grand blanc © Yellow Korner Pascal Kobeh, À la rencontre du grand blanc © Yellow Korner


Master of marine photography, American David Hall offers photographs worthy of paintings whose subjects are fascinating marine creatures ranging from jellyfish to seahorses. Shapes, colours and textures are meticulously crafted for captivating, almost surreal images.


David Hall, Jellyfish Lake Palau © Yellow Korner

© David Hall, Jellyfish Lake Palau © Yellow Korner


To get started in underwater photography, it may be preferable to buy a waterproof housing for your camera before investing in dedicated equipment. If a compact camera already offers beautiful renderings, the main thing at depth is to equip yourself with a powerful flash, the lack of luminosity being under the surface the main pitfall.


Royalty free photo Royalty free photo


No underwater excursions planned? An equally interesting alternative is to visit an aquarium and take photographs of marine animals and visitors. You will obtain poetic compositions as if suspended between two worlds.


You can then give these photographs a place in your home thanks to our expert photo printing laboratory. Your personal photos printed in gallery quality will bring a touch of fantasy to your decoration while broadening your horizons. Thanks to its depth effect, which magnifies the intensity and colours of your photographs, the Giant format photo print in its Acrylic Glass finish is the most suitable for underwater photography. Vibrant with realism, Zeinberg photo prints ensure a professional rendering worthy of the greatest wildlife photographers.


2021, Justine Grosset © Zeinberg

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