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Capturing the Christmas Spirit

The end of the year celebrations are a good time for photography. Gathered with family or friends, it's the time to take portraits and group photos that show precious moments of sharing. For some photography enthusiasts, it will even be the opportunity to test a new camera just received.


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Children and adults alike can't help but succumb to the magic of Christmas. To immortalize this magic, take advantage of the illuminations of the cities and the fabulous decorations of the shop windows to carry out original photographs. Be sure to take advantage of the natural light at the end of the day or adjust your exposure settings while stabilizing your camera if you try night photography.


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Thanks to their festive setting and their decorations combining garlands and candles, the end of year celebrations lend themselves perfectly to bokeh. Not very technical to achieve, the bokeh consists in getting closer to an object on which to focus while using the blur of the background highlighted in a poetic way.


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To keep the warm atmosphere of this period, take advantage of indoor lighting or natural light as much as possible to avoid triggering your flash. The latter often distorts the rendering of colors by tending to whiten the scene. Pay attention to your white balance and, if you have the possibility, prefer a RAW format which will offer better perspectives in the retouching phase.


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Whether you want to give a loved one a print of a Christmas photo or display your best New Year's memories on your walls, there are many Zeinberg formats and finishes to suit the subjects of your personal photos.


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The Gallery Framed format (50 x 40 cm) is perfect for portraits, while the Mini format (19.5 cm x 13 cm), easy to hang anywhere, will be an ideal print to compose a series that highlights the details of a festive table or carefully wrapped gifts waiting at the foot of the tree. Happy holidays to all!


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