Photographing in the Manner of Vivian Maier

While a retrospective is currently devoted to the work of Vivian Maier (1926 - 2009), we suggest you decipher the atypical images of this posthumously famous photographer to renew your own photographic style.


Vivian Maier, Self Portrait Mirror Red Clothing Shop © Maloof Collection Associated Press

Vivian Maier, Self Portrait Mirror Red Clothing Shop 

© Maloof Collection Associated Press


Now recognized as one of the greatest contemporary photographers, Vivian Maier remained anonymous throughout her life. A rigorous photographer, she captured what and who she was with her Rolleiflex on an almost daily basis over several decades. However, for those close to her, Vivian Maier remained an impassive and mysterious housekeeper in the shadows of American society families.


Vivian Maier, 1954, New York © The Vivian Maier Foundation


Portraits and Everyday Gestures

The photographer's genius lies in her ability to capture fleeting moments and the most revealing details to immortalise them. Intertwined hands, crossed eyes, anonymous people dozing on the benches of Central Park or elegant women with perfectly worked hairstyles: Vivian Maier guides us to develop our sense of observation. Like her, to compose portraits with original framing that underline what remains invisible to many photographers: an attitude, a posture...


Vivian Maier, 1963, Chicago Ilinois © The Vivian Maier Foundation

Vivian Maier, 1963, Chicago Ilinois © The Vivian Maier Foundation


Kinetics and Symmetry

As a street photographer and observer of the changing urban fabric, Vivian Maier was able to capture the perpetual movement of New York and then Chicago. Sky trains, crowded avenues and dizzying facades have never ceased to attract her attention. Let her meticulously researched images inspire you to use symmetry, fragmentation and repetition to your advantage and bring dynamism to your personal photos.  


Self portrait 1956, Vivian Maier © The Vivian Maier Fondation

Self portrait 1956, Vivian Maier © The Vivian Maier Fondation


Self-portraits and remakes

It is impossible to talk about Vivian Maier without highlighting her characteristic self-portraits. With ingenuity, and long before the time of the selfie, the photographer stages herself by integrating her image in mirrors, reflections of shop windows, even using a toaster to translate her presence. Smartphone and selfie mode now make it possible to try out original shots that the photographer would probably have appreciated.


Vivian Maier, Undated © The Vivian Maier Foundation


Follow in the footsteps of Vivian Maier and give your images your own personality. Your favourite photos can be printed on silver photo paper, just like those of the photographer. Our photo laboratory, a partner of the greatest professional photographers, will allow you to give shape to your creativity. Like those of the talented anonymous woman, your photos may one day be the highlight of a photo exhibition!


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