5 Tips for successful landscape photography

Do you want to capture the beauty of natural landscapes or cityscapes in photographs with an original composition? These tips will give you some inspiration to simply improve your landscape and nature photos.


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1- Get rid of the landscape format 

We often have the reflex to immortalise our portraits in the dedicated format and landscapes in a horizontal format. However, many scenes lend themselves to landscape photography from above. The verticality of a mountain top, for example, will be accentuated.  


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2 - Get some height 

To capture the immensity of the landscape unfolding before your eyes, get a little height. A bird's eye view will enhance the dynamism of the landscape and the originality of your composition.


John Eastcott & Yva Momatiuk, Sequoïa In Fog © Yellow Korner

3 - Keep your feet on the ground

Do you want to accentuate the impression of immensity of a forest? Amplify the immensity of a skyscraper? Think of the low angle, a shot that reinforces the power of a composition as in this photo by John Eastcott and Yva Mamatiuk offered by the YellowKorner galleries.


Traversée des dunes, Debra Kellner © Yellow Korner

4 - Bring life to your landscape photography

Landscape photography is not synonymous with empty spaces. Including a person in your composition will allow you to capture the proportions while breathing life into your shots as Debra Kellner has done in this stunning photo at Yellow Korner.


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5 - Don't miss your appointment 

Successful landscape photography requires being in the right place at the right time and paying special attention to natural light. In photography, there are two appointments that cannot be missed: the blue hour and the golden hour. The former evokes the few moments before dawn when the sky turns a deep blue.


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The better known golden hour occurs just after sunrise or before sunset. The softness of this light offers landscapes drenched in pink to orange light. 


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© 2021 Justine Grosset

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